About Us

Dr. Lisa Scott was a classroom teacher for over 15 years before creating the Art of Words. She has a background in literacy and curriculum and taught her own children how to read at 3 years of age. Many of the techniques used in our program are based on the techniques she used to teach her children to read. Dr. Scott integrates visual art, music and theater for the teaching of basic literacy skills and for the reinforcement of content.

The staff at the Art of Words wants you and your child to enjoy the process of learning how to read as much as she did with her children, so she takes time and care in selecting what and how the curriculum is taught.

All of the teaching artists at the Art of Words have a background in painting, drawing, photography or ceramics. They have been trained to introduce, teach, and assess literacy skills and its development.

The Art of Words prides itself on the art our children produce, and the methods we integrate to teach the content. We want your child to understand the joys of learning and reading.